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Que : What is MSCT coronary angiography?
Ans :

Multi slice CT Coronary Angiography with 64-slice technology is emerging as the most reliable non-invasive modality for evaluation of heart disease. Impressive image quality and non-invasive nature of Multi Slice Computed Tomography (MSCT) angiography makes it a powerful tool in evaluation of heart disease. CT Angiography (CTA) is an examination that uses x-rays to visualize blood flow in coronary arteries which supply blood to the heart. CT combines the use of x-rays with computerized analysis of the images. Beams of x-rays are passed from a rotating device through the heart from several different angles to create cross-sectional images, which then are assembled by computer into a three-dimensional picture of the heart.

Speed and sensitivity of 64 slice CT, now gives physicians a new way to view the heart and surrounding structures. Coronary CT angiography captures thousands of images of a beating heart in mere seconds. 3D reconstructed images are then formatted, allowing physicians and their patients to easily review and understand findings of the CT scan. Most patients undergo CT angiography without being admitted to a hospital. The ability of this technology to non-invasively image the coronary artery lumen and wall constitutes an attractive addition to currently available diagnostic tools such as nuclear perfusion imaging or conventional selective coronary angiography, for patients with suspected CAD.

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